Sports Uniform Shop

Welcome to the HSD Sports Uniform shop where you will find all of your sports uniform requirements conveniently located in one place.   

Please follow the instructions for ordering sports clothing:

    1. Order item(s) of sports clothing using the link below and purchase using PayPal.
    2. Ask your son or daughter to find Mr Malin at break or lunch to collect item(s) of sports clothing.
    3. Mr Malin will organize the correct size of clothing.  Pupils should then bring the items of clothing home.
    4. If you are happy with the size put your son or daughter's name clearly on the labels.
    5. If you would like a different size the item can be changed as long as it is not worn.  Bring it back into school and Mr Malin will change the size.
Sports Clothing
  • Skort €20.50
  • Rugby Jersey €40.50
  • Hockey Sock €10.50
  • Hockey Shirt €21.50
  • Hockey Hoodie €37.50
  • Rugby/Hockey Shorts €16.50
  • PE Tracksuit Bottom €28.50
  • PE Tracksuit Top €47.50
  • Gum Shield €5.00
  • Cricket Shirt €27.50
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