Past Pupils' Union

Officers and committee 2019-20

The High School and Diocesan Past Pupils' Union actively encourages all past pupils to keep in touch with one another via the HSD PPU website at  We should be delighted to hear from anyone interested in becoming a committee member or helping out in any other way.

Past Pupil Union

President - Greg Hopkins (HSD, 1977-85)
Vice President - Andrew Forrest (HSD, 1977-84)
President-Elect - Arlene Brislane (HSD, 1978-86)
Honorary Secretary - Arlene Brislane (HSD, 1978-86)
Honorary Treasurer - John Gillis (HSD, 1975-81)
ASU Representative - John Gillis (HSD, 1975-81)
Golf Secretary - John Gillis (HSD, 1975-81)
Committee - Richelle Flanagan (1978-88); Kenneth Gibson (1980-86); Nadia Ramoutar (1979-84); and Dorothy Rolston (HSD, 1975-82)

To join the Past Pupils' Union please contact contact us at

Membership Subscriptions: payable 1st January
Annual Subscription €20       5 Year Subscription €80