Admissions PROCESS

The High School admits pupils in accordance with its ethos together with the regulations of the Department of Education and Skills concerning age and previous schooling.  We are currently finalizing the entry lists for the 2021 and 2022 cohorts.  However, parents are welcome to submit an application at any stage of the process on the basis that places may become available due to changes in the personal circumstances of existing applicants.  If a late application has been made in this way parents are advised to keep in contact with the Admissions Officer on a regular basis.

In general, parents are advised to apply for admission soon after their children are born.  There is very strong demand for places at The High School; the Admissions Office is currently processing applications for entry to the school in 2032.  In any case it is advised that an application should be made for children not later than their 9th birthday under normal circumstances.  If it has not been possible to adhere to this advice a late application may be submitted for consideration.

When an application is received parents will be informed whether they have been allocated a
guaranteed place based on the ethos of the school or whether the application has been placed on a waiting list.  Approximately thirty-six months in advance of entry parents will be asked to confirm their interest in a place at the school.  When the number of guaranteed places which have been taken up is calculated the remaining places will be offered to waiting list applicants.  A substantial fee deposit will be required at this stage.  The fee deposit is not refundable in the case of an application which is later cancelled or withdrawn.  In the case of a child having attended the school for at least one year the fee deposit is refunded after the child has left the school and all financial requirements have been met.

In accordance with Department of Education and Skills regulations the school is academically non-selective.  Pupils are required to reach the age of 12 by the end of December in their first year at the school and are also required to have completed a National School Sixth Class standard or its equivalent.  It is the policy of the school to offer places to children with disabilities and special needs.  In cases where it is the Principal’s judgement that the school cannot meet the needs of an individual applicant admission to the school will not take place until the necessary resources have been provided by the Department of Education and Skills.  In making his judgement the Principal will consider the health and safety of the pupils and staff, the design of the buildings, the staffing and other resources available to the school, and any other factor he may consider relevant.

Pupils may enter The High School at levels other than Form 1 if places are available.  Applications for entry to year groups other than Form 1 should be accompanied by copies of the previous three years school reports and the name, address, and telephone number of the Principal of the applicant's present school who may be asked to supply a reference.