Guidance Counsellors



The Guidance Department endeavours to support all our pupils in their journey through secondary education. Our role involves counselling, providing information, educational guidance, career guidance, individual appointments and supporting the personal, educational, and social development of all our pupils.  Pupils may wish to see the Guidance Counsellors for educational guidance, career guidance, or for personal counselling.

Educational guidance and career guidance are delivered as part of a structured whole-school programme. Pupils participate in psychometric testing and have individual appointments to help them with subject choice. The Guidance Department have developed a career guidance programme spanning the three years of the Senior Cycle. In Forms 4 to 6 pupils participate in careers classes, careers counselling, mock interviews, college visits, and university presentations.

Personal counselling is available for all pupils quite apart from the general provision indicated above. Pupils may from time to time need care, support, and guidance to help them cope with particular situations or difficulties they may be encountering. We work in conjunction with the Pastoral Care Team and liaise with the Senior Management Team to provide the range of supports which a pupil may need. The Guidance Counsellors are qualified and registered members of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and adhere to the guidelines on best practise and the code of ethical conduct. The limits on confidentiality are to provide for the safety of the pupil if necessary.

Parents/guardians are welcome to contact the Guidance Counsellors with any concerns or queries they may have. The Guidance Counsellors are available to meet with parents/guardians at all the parent/teacher meetings and various information evenings throughout the school year. The Guidance Counsellors maintain a list of registered practitioners and assist with referrals for pupils requiring additional support.