Support for Learning department

Ms M Browne (Co-ordinator)

Mr K Barry (Teacher)

Ms E Delaney (SNA)

Ms E Hilliard (Teacher)

Mr R Hilliard (Teacher)

Ms J Jackson (SNA)

Ms R Lyons (Teacher)

Mr J Milofsky (Teacher)

Ms M-L Murphy (SNA)

Ms A Stevenson (Teacher)

Our knowledgeable, experienced, and highly-qualified support for learning team provides both social and academic support to pupils facing additional challenges in the course of their school day.  This support takes a variety of forms and aims to be inclusive and unobtrusive.  The team works very closely with our two full-time Guidance Counsellors.  Pupils are taught individually, in small groups, and supported within mainstream classrooms.  Resources are allocated according to the greatest need and every effort is made to distribute them as fairly as possible.  Social support is available throughout the school day, especially with regard to helping pupils to be organised and ready to learn.  Pupils are encouraged to participate as fully as possible in all aspects of school life.

We value the input of parents with whom we maintain close contact.  Parents who wish to apply for a place for a son or daughter with an additional learning need should contact the school and ask to speak to the Support for Learning Co-ordinator who will advise on next steps.  Parents who have a worry about an existing pupil or who have new information to share should also contact the Co-ordinator who is also responsible for applying for reasonable accommodations for Certificate Examinations.  Applications for these accommodations are usually made in May of Form 5 for Leaving Certificate pupils and November of Form 3 for Junior Certificate pupils.  Details of the criteria are available on the State Examinations Commission website.