Past Pupils

Alton, Ernest Henry (1873–1952), classical scholar, public representative, and Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, 1942-52

Armstrong, Harold Reginald (‘Reg’) (?1928–1979), motorcycle champion and businessman

Beattie, John Hugh Marshall (1915–1990), social anthropologist

Cousins, James Henry Sproull (1873–1956), writer, teacher, and theosophist

Dagg, Thomas Sidney Charles (1875–1964), civil servant, hockey player, and hockey administrator

D'Arcy, Charles Frederick (1859–1938), clergyman, theologian, botanist, and Archbishop of Armagh, 1920-38

Delahunty, Michael (‘Mick’/‘Mick Del’) (1915–92), musician and bandleader

Digges, Joseph Robert Garven (1857–1933), Anglican clergyman and beekeeper

Duggan, George Chester (1885–1969), civil servant

Henry Albert Hinkson (1865–1919), novelist, barrister, and classical scholar

Jeffares, Alexander Norman (1920–2005), literary scholar

Jeffcott, Henry Homan (1877–1937), engineer

Lumsden, Sir John (1869–1944), physician and founder of the St John's Ambulance Brigade in Ireland

Lyons, Francis Stewart Leland (1923–83), historian and Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, 1974-81

MacIlwaine, John Bedell Stanford (1857–1945), landscape painter and inventor

Magee, William Kirkpatrick (‘John Eglinton’) (1868–1961), essayist

Maunsell, Robert Charles Butler (1872–1930), doctor

Mitchell, David Michael (1909–95), physician

Mitchell, George Francis (‘Frank’) (1912–97), environmental historian, archaeologist, geologist, and educator; sometime Professor of Quaternary Studies, Trinity College, Dublin and President of the Royal Irish Academy

Murphy, Annalise (2002-08), winner of a silver medal for sailing at The Rio Olympics, 2016

Noyek (Noyk), Michael (1884–1966), lawyer and republican activist

O'Connell, Frederick William (1876–1929), clergyman and Irish-language scholar

Orr, David Alexander (1922–2008), businessman

Patterson, Frank (1938–2000), singer

Rodway, Norman (1929-2001), accountant, teacher, university lecturer, and actor

Stevenson, Walter Clegg (1871-1931), surgeon and pioneer in radium treatment

Thompson, Edward Arthur (1914–1994), classicist and historian

Thrift, William Edward (1870–1942), academic, public representative, and Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, 1937-42

Warnock, William (1911–86), diplomat

Woods, Stanley (1903-93), world champion racing motorcyclist

Yeats, William Butler (1865-1939), poet and playwright