Senior Cycle

The Senior Cycle curriculum at The High School is delivered in Forms 5 and 6 leading to a public examination for the Leaving Certificate awarded by the State Examination Commission.  All pupils take English, Irish, and Mathematics; four further subjects should be chosen, one from each of the option groups W, X, Y, and Z.  In addition two periods per week are allotted to option group V.  

Core V W X Y Z
English Art Accounting           Business          Biology                     Biology
Irish  Computer Applications Applied Mathematics Geography       Chemistry               Classical Studies
Mathematics Geology Art                            History           Construction
Design & Communication Graphics
  Irish (Higher) French Home Economics Economics              French                  
  Physical Education Geography Physics       History                 German                
  RSE Spanish Spanish           Music                Home Economics

You will find further information and advice about subject choice in the Senior Cycle curriculum booklet which is available on demand - please contact for details.